Fittie at the front or fattie at the back?

After you have over indulged with Christmas dinner and festive chocolates, why not step outside into the crisp winter sun and take a festive stroll? Or maybe, if you think you’re man enough – a full on hike! There is nothing better than wrapping up in woolly jumpers and taking a step outside to breathe in the fresh, crisp winter air. On 27/12/16 a group of 4 of us set off for the Peak District and took a circular walk from the Edale car park up to Ringing Rodger following the ridge line to Crowden Brook where we descended back to the car park.


Distance 9 miles (14.5km)
Time 5hrs 30min
Ascent/gradient 1,650ft (500m)
Level of difficulty Medium

After a lovely few days of eating and drinking (enjoying sinking further into the couch with no motivation to move) this walk was horrendous! The first hour of arduous climbing from The Old Nags Head to Ringing Rodger was enough to ensure the heart was racing, the legs were aching and the moaning from my mouth was enough to fill the hills with the sound of music! Ok – it wasn’t all horrendous and the trek improved immensely when the gazelle of the group stopped saying “Its just up there, not far to go” in his this is just a walk in the park type voice.  Personally, I love sarcasm, but I realized on the ascent that it’s not for everybody. When we reached the ridge line the pain of the climb became worth it to see the crystal clear landscape with views across to Mam Tor and Loose Hill where the sun was just resting, balancing above the horizon.  For once we had picked a faultless day for a walk – normally I strike luck with a torrential downpour, so much fog you cant see your feet, a pathetic mist that completely drenches you as soon as you set off so you feel miserable and damp all day or its far too windy and your face ends up stinging and you cant bend your frozen fingers, but conditions for this walk were perfect.

The route from Ringing Rodger to Crowden Brook is a relatively easy stroll so once you’re up on the ridge line, there’s nothing to worry about, and the strenuous struggle which was undertaken upon ascending is quickly blown away and forgotten about with the stunning scenery which lay before you. The decent saw a scramble among fallen stone rocks and boulders following the falling water down Crowden Brook. A great adventure for anyone not so satisfied with the thought of a long walk down the steps of Jacobs Ladder. At the foot of the brook we joined with the Penine way where we retired to The Old Nags Head for a pint of…. [insert refreshing cool drink of your choice here]. I dont drink alcohol but I could certainly hear the alluring song of the Pint.


So I’m no fittie at the front, more the fattie at the back especially after the festive season, but this was certainly an enjoyable moderately challenging walk, for this Christmas pudding, with some incredible views and beautiful weather to accompany a perfect day in the hills.


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