Life is beautiful journey where you can be gently wandering along a beautiful woodland path, sunlight shimmering through the leaves, the smell of fresh pine filling the air, all of the birds harmonizing with the sound of the trickling stream as it dances over perfectly placed pebbles – Oh come on, let’s get real….I am pretty certain that no life is ever like this! Life is an always changing, ever challenging journey. There are days where we can feel the pain of the uphill struggle and it can feel as we are simply just enduring from sunrise to sunset. It can feel like we are treading along the weathered stone road with no end in sight.

Dare to adventure, occasionally slip off the road onto the unbeaten track, through the thick woodlands, down rivers and white water and into the unknown.

Along the weathered stone road is an online blog devoted to sharing the reality of my adventurous pursuits.


So who am I? My name is Georgia and I love being at home wrapped up in a duvet, preferably sleeping, but on occasion I like to stretch my legs and pursue the great outdoors.

I was born in a small town called Kettering. Not a particularly pretty place but sufficient enough to meet the needs of my childhood. I attended the local C of E School and gained a respectable education giving me the grades I needed to endevour with life. I left education at 17 and undertook an accountancy apprenticeship and continued to work in the accounts field. At the beginning of 2017 I undertook employment with E-Outdoor a Northamptonshire based company that specializes in outdoor clothing and equipment.

As you can see I’m pretty average. I tell things like they are – no dressing it up in flowers, sparkles and unicorns. I hope you get to know me as you read the nonsense I write.